Boat Ramp Cleaning

With the number of boat ramps in and around Australia, regular cleaning and maintenance is a necessity to keep them in a safe and fully operational condition for all users.

Moving about or walking on slippery surfaces can be dangerous. This is particularly so in the case of boat ramps and other sloping surfaces. Boat ramps in particular, can be extremely hazardous. This is due to the build-up over time of marine life, especially algae, and the build-up of oil, grease and other substances deposited by boats, boat users and others utilizing the boat ramps and other surrounding areas. A fall on a boat ramp could and has lead to serious injury.

It is therefore desirable to periodically clean boat ramps to reduce the risk of boat ramp users injuring themselves. Consequently many of councils and other authorities routinely clean boat ramps to reduce the risk of injury to the users.

Unfortunately, however, the boat ramps are often cleaned manually, with an individual required to pressure wash, sweep, scrub, scrape or otherwise clean the boat ramp using a broom. This activity is labour intensive and potentially time consuming, particularly in the context of large boat ramps. This is undesirable because it can render the boat ramp at least partially inoperable until cleaning has been completed, causing the back-up of boats needing to be launched or retrieved. This consequently
frustrates boat owners.

Manual cleaning of boat ramps is also inherently dangerous due to the fact that it usually requires an individual to stand on the boat ramp while cleaning it, thereby placing the individual at risk of slipping, falling and causing injury to themselves.

It is the responsibility of the governing authorities who are overseeing the ramps to ensure that ramp sites are cleaned on a regular basis so that ramp surfaces remain clean and slip hazards can be minimised. Regular cleaning is required to ensure safety.

By using EMS to clean your local boat ramp in conjunction with a boat ramp maintenance cleaning
programme, you will greatly:

  • Improve safety for the user of boat ramps.
  • Improve the safety of individuals, in and around boat ramps.
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of boat ramp cleaning.
  • Minimise the risk of falls and other accidents.
  • Increase the community support for being pro-active.

Ensure your boat ramps are safe and sound for your community to enjoy their boating experience.
Remember – Boating Safety starts and finishes at the boat ramp.