About Us

Environmental Marine Solutions is an Australian owned company that has been researching and developing equipment to clean the harsh marine environment. The company was started by the founder and current owner, Brendan Van Dam with his wife Joanne.

The company has a strong focus on providing cleaning solutions for the marine environment. Much of the company’s business is focused on the providing of a service, by utilizing the cleaning equipment to nationally maintain the local Governing Authorities infrastructure.

In 2010, EMS Pty Ltd was formed and research and development was undertaken on producing a towable trailer unit, which could be towed behind a vehicle to clean boat ramps. EMS Pty Ltd applied for a patent on the process of cleaning the boat ramps and the plant equipment with which to clean them. This is fully patented. This allows EMS Pty Ltd to clean boat ramps commercially by any scrubbing or brushing means, within Australia by using this process. In 2011, EMS Pty Ltd was approached by their local Council to clean their boat ramps. There were a high number of accidents happening due to algae build-up. This caused people to slip over on the boat ramp while putting their boat in or taking it out of the water.

EMS Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that endeavours to find solutions to meet the challenges of cleaning the marine environment in a safe, clean and efficient way. With a strong focus on public safety, EMS Pty Ltd are proud to be able to provide a service that assists in making a safer and cleaner environment for the boating communities around Australia.